Remember, when you take the shoes to the cobbler yourself
taking into account that shoemaking is manual work.
We do not match other cobblers
work to do.

Price list 


Extract Lopez 1 mm. soles €39.90/pair

Interest notes

Women's stilettos (for stiletto heels) €25.00/pair

Dainite and Vibram, thick heel pads 40.00 euros/pair

General instructions for high-quality leather footwear

  • Wear new shoes carefully at first. Walk in them for a few hours to let them start to mold to your feet and let them rest afterwards.

  • Avoid wearing shoes two days in a row. A good rule of thumb is to let the shoes rest for two days after one day of use. Since human feet sweat several centimeters per day, shoes must be allowed to dry properly. Use rest pills. They help keep the shape of the shoes and absorb moisture. They should preferably be cedar wood. Avoid using plastic insoles, as they prevent moisture from leaving the shoes and do more harm than good.

  • Use a shoe spoon to help you put on your shoes. If you try to press the foot down or push it with your fingers, it will easily damage the back of the shoe.

  • Loosen shoelaces properly when taking off and putting on shoes. This is how you reduce the wear and tear on your shoes and extend their lifespan.

  • If the shoes get really wet, do not dry them in direct heat, as the leather may crack. Instead, put paper in the shoes to absorb the maximum moisture and let the shoes dry at room temperature. After that, put insoles in the shoes so that the shoes keep their shape.

  • Avoid walking long distances in leather-soled shoes on wet surfaces. Leather wears out much faster when walking on a wet surface than on dry.

  • Clean, grease and saturate your shoes regularly, and they will last much longer and patina beautifully. Remember that new shoes only have sole impregnation and for this reason they must be treated again before use. If the shoes have a leather sole, remember to take care of it as well.