Care of sneakers

Protect the shoes before putting them into use with a spray that prevents dirt and water from being absorbed into the surface of the shoes. The sprays work for all kinds of material, so you can use them to treat the entire shoe.

At least brush your shoes after each use to prevent dirt from sticking to them.

Treat the leather parts with cream so that the leather does not dry out and start to crack.

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Care of rubber boots

The special care agent designed for natural rubber and rubber products ensures that your rubber boots stay clean and in good condition even with heavy use. In addition to rubber boots, the conditioner found in the Zion selection is also great for, for example, Crocs and so-called all-weather boots.

The conditioner for rubber boots keeps your boots waterproof and preserves the suppleness and flexibility of the material. Spray the substance on the surface of the boots, let it take effect and dry. Finally, polish the surface with a clean cloth.

Leather shoe care

Protect leather shoes when new before use, and clean and protect used shoes with a suitable conditioner.

First brush the dirt and dust off the shoes. Colorless shoe cream and instant creams are suitable for lightly used shoes. Use colored leather polish on worn shoes. Apply the conditioners to a clean and dry surface in circular motions. Use a sponge, brush or cloth. Let the shoe dry for a while. Finally, polish the surface with a soft cloth or brush.

Suede shoe care

Brush suede shoes with a foam sponge or a suede brush. Dry wet shoes at room temperature. Brush dry shoes. Remove stains with a suede eraser or suede shampoo. Protect your shoes regularly with a suede conditioner .

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