Zio has made its name by bringing on-trend, high-quality, and world-renowned shoes and accessories to Finland. 
The multi-brand chain has become one of the top retailers in Helsinki, carrying unique styles and popular designers from all over the world.

Since the company's inception in 2001, Zio has focused on the core values ​​of quality, conservation, and customer service.

Quality and conservation go together.
In addition to prioritizing eco-friendly brands, Zio believes that a product of high caliber contributes to sustainability in the long run. Each store provides a welcoming environment and attentive staff who make every effort to understand and
cater to a customer's needs.
Since the grand opening, Zio has expanded its collection to include over 30 premium Scandinavian and international brands

including Shoes Like Candy, Bervicato, Bally, Hunter, Woden, Pura Lopez, Camper. To retain its customers' faith in their merchandise, Zio works directly with the factory or designer whenever possible.

Today, they also carry their own production,
which quickly skyrocketed in popularity upon its debut.

No matter what the future will bring, Zio will always aim to push the limits of fashion.